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Our service includes an extensive heating system evaluation, a clear explanation of the problem and any needed repair work, and a fair and precise estimate of the cost of the repair work. Furthermore, all our HVAC specialists are certified, insured and experienced in fixing all makes and models of heaters.

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  • Free consultations for new and replacement heaters
  • One-Stop-Shop for home heaters
  • Completely certified, insured, and bonded
  • Live operators readily available to assist you around the clock
  • Complete 1 year warranty on our labour and all the devices we set up
  • Budget friendly funding choices
  • Transparent pricing — no mystery expenses
  • Expert furnace specialists who can answer your heating concerns
  • Complete variety of parts and innovative tools on all our service automobiles
  • The heating assistance you need is constantly fast and friendly

24 Hour Service

Emergency Heating System Repair

24 hour emergency furnace repair

When the cold winter wind is growling outside, the last thing you desire is a heating system breakdown. At minutes like these, the knowledge and effectiveness of 24 Hour Furnace Repair become your beacon of hope. Focusing on emergency situation heating system repair work, our HVAC company sticks out as a leader in the market.

1. Fast Action Times
Emergencies don’t wait, and neither does 24 Hour Furnace Repair We recognize the urgency of a malfunctioning heating system, specifically during the dead of winter. Our devoted team is ready to jump into action 24/7, ensuring we without delay answer your distress call and attend to your heating system without delay.

2. Proficient and Skilled Service Technicians
Our extremely proficient technicians are at the heart of our success. With comprehensive training and years of experience in the field, these experts can rapidly identify and resolve a large range of heating system issues. Their knowledge ensures a quick fix and a long lasting solution so your home stays warm and cozy.

3. Comprehensive Service Range
From small repair work to major overhauls, 24 Hour Furnace Repair covers the entire spectrum of heating system repair work requirements. This comprehensive approach indicates that no matter the complexity of your heating system problem, you can be confident that our technicians have the skills and devices needed to manage it.

4. Dedication to Customer Satisfaction
At 24 Hour Furnace Repair, consumer fulfillment is more than a goal; it’s a warranty. We go above and beyond to ensure that we total every repair work to the greatest requirements of quality and effectiveness. This customer-first approach has earned us a sterling credibility and a loyal consumer base.

5. Use of State-of-the-Art Innovation
Staying abreast of the most recent heating system repair work technology advancements is another factor we lead the pack. By incorporating state-of-the-art tools and strategies, we ensure that each repair work is effective however also efficient and forward-thinking.

6. Preventative Upkeep Providers
Comprehending that prevention is better than cure, we don’t simply fix your heating system; we also offer maintenance services to prevent future breakdowns. This proactive approach helps extend your heating system’s life and conserve you money in the long run.

7. Transparent Rates
With our company, there are no covert costs or unforeseen expenses. We provide transparent, upfront pricing on all their services. This transparency develops trust and ensures that consumers feel valued and appreciated.

8. Local Knowledge and Knowledge
We understand the particular heating requirements and difficulties in [area] This regional knowledge allows us to provide tailored options to your special scenario.

When it concerns emergency situation heating system repair work, 24 Hour Furnace Repair stands unrivaled. Their blend of fast reaction, professional technicians, comprehensive services, consumer focus, advanced technology, preventative maintenance, transparent pricing, and regional knowledge makes them the go-to company for all your heating system repair work requirements. Trust us to keep your home warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather throws your way.

Heating System Tune-up

Routine heating system maintenance is an important element of home upkeep that frequently goes undetected till an issue occurs. As property owners, comprehending the advantages of this practice can conserve money and time and ensure a relaxing, warm environment during chillier seasons. Here’s why routine heating system maintenance is essential for each homeowner.

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Routine maintenance keeps your heating system running at peak effectiveness. When a heating system is maintained properly, it uses energy more effectively, decreasing utility costs. This effectiveness suits your wallet and the environment, decreasing your home’s carbon footprint.

2. Improved Air Quality
A well-kept heating system significantly enhances the air quality in your home. During maintenance checks, clean or change filters, which ensures that the air circulating through your home is without dust, irritants, and other air-borne particles. Clean filters are especially advantageous for households with members who suffer from allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

3. Extended Heating System Lifespan
Routine maintenance extends the life of your heating system. A frequently serviced heating system will have a longer functional life-span than any other mechanical system. Routine maintenance can defer the significant heating system replacement expense, offering significant cost savings gradually.

4. Avoidance of Costly Breakdowns
Routine maintenance helps recognize and resolve small problems before they intensify into bigger, more pricey issues. Routine checks can pinpoint wear and tear, preventing unforeseen breakdowns. This proactive approach conserves property owners the tension and expense of emergency situation repair work services.

5. Ensured Safety
A furnace, specifically one that burns fossil fuel, can posture safety dangers if not properly maintained. An important element of heating system maintenance is checking the burner, heat exchanger, and heating system operation to ensure no hazardous carbon monoxide leakages or fire threats. This routine checkup keeps your home and household safe.

6. Preserving Producer Warranty
Lots of heating system makers require routine maintenance as a condition of their warranty. Avoiding annual maintenance can void these warranties, leaving property owners to bear the overall expense of any repair work or replacements needed. Routine maintenance ensures that the warranty will cover it if something goes wrong.

7. Consistent Home Comfort
A well-kept heating system provides constant warmth and comfort throughout the home. It ensures that the heating system works as expected, without temperature level variations or other problems that can affect your living environment.

8. Peace of Mind
Finally, routine heating system maintenance provides property owners peace of mind. Understanding that your heating system is in good working condition, specifically during winter, brings a complacency and comfort.

In conclusion, the advantages of routine heating system maintenance are manifold. The benefits appear, from enhanced effectiveness and air quality to extended life-span, safety, warranty defense, constant comfort, and peace of mind. As a homeowner, prioritizing this job is a sensible choice that ensures a warm and safe environment while optimizing functional expenses. Routine maintenance is an investment in your home’s comfort and your household’s wellness.

HVAC technician inspecting furnace in Pickering, Ontario

What’s Included in a Normal Heating System Tuneup?

A routine maintenance inspection from a heating professional starts with a detailed system evaluation. The professional will check your system’s electrical connections, filters, blowers, and motors. This evaluation catches possible issues as soon as possible and keeps your operating expenses as low as possible.

Cleaning is also part of a typical heating system check-up. Removing dust and debris from your heating system’s interior parts (especially the heat exchanger and burner chamber) keeps your devices running properly and reduces a fire danger. The professional will also check for leakages to ensure your system isn’t squandering energy that increase your costs.

The final part of a yearly check-up is a trial run. Your professional will test your system thoroughly to confirm that it’s operating at optimal effectiveness.

Accepting Efficiency and Comfort: The Benefits of Replacing Your Heating System

The heating system is essential in looking for a relaxing and warm home, specifically during the cold months. Nevertheless, their effectiveness can decrease as heaters age, resulting in higher energy costs and less reliable heating. Upgrading to a new heating system can appear like a substantial investment, however its advantages are significant. Here’s a comprehensive look at the benefits of replacing your old heating system.

1. Enhanced Heating Efficiency
One of the main advantages of a new heating system is enhanced effectiveness. Modern heaters make use of fuel more effectively, transforming a higher percentage into functional heat. This effectiveness suits your wallet and the environment, decreasing your home’s carbon footprint.

2. Lower Energy Costs
Connected to enhanced effectiveness is the benefit of lower energy costs. With a more efficient system, you’ll use less energy to heat your home, resulting in noticeable cost savings on your regular monthly utility costs. Gradually, these cost savings can significantly offset the preliminary expense of the heating system.

3. Increased Reliability and Safety
New heaters offer greater reliability, decreasing the probability of breakdowns during important times when you need heat the most. Furthermore, more recent models include advanced safety functions that lower the dangers of carbon monoxide leakages and other prospective threats, ensuring your home stays a safe environment.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality
Modern heaters frequently feature enhanced purification systems that can enhance the indoor air quality of your home. Clean air is especially advantageous for people with allergic reactions or respiratory problems, as it ensures a cleaner, healthier air supply.

5. Quieter Operation
New heating system models tend to run more quietly compared to older systems. Modern heaters mean less noise disturbance and a more tranquil home environment, which is significant during the quiet night hours.

6. Increased Home Value
Installing a new heating system can increase your home’s value. Prospective homebuyers frequently search for homes with efficient heater, making this upgrade a selling point if you prepare to put your home on the market.

7. Compatibility with Smart Home Innovation
Lots of new heaters work with smart home technology, permitting remote control and heating system monitoring. This combination can offer greater benefit and additional chances for energy cost savings through better temperature level management.

8. Personalized Heating Alternatives
Modern heaters offer a variety of heating choices, including variable-speed blowers and regulating gas valves. These functions permit more precise temperature level control and even heating throughout your home, improving general comfort.

In conclusion, replacing an old heating system provides numerous advantages beyond heating your home. The benefits include increased effectiveness, lower energy costs, enhanced safety, enhanced air quality for quieter operation, increased home value, innovative technology compatibility, and personalized choices. While the upfront expense might appear overwhelming, the long-lasting cost savings and comfort improvements make it a sensible investment for any homeowner. A brand-new heating system is not simply a device; it’s a step towards a more efficient, comfortable, and safe home.

Edmonton's Most Typical Heating System Problems

Be sure to contact a furnace professional before your heating system eliminates entirely! You need to call us at the first indication of trouble; this is the most affordable way to look after your heating system in the long run.

Keep an eye out for these common heating system problems and call us at 1 (587) 714-2384 whenever your heating system requires attention:

Woman wearing hat and gloves in cold room

Constant Starting and Stopping

A dirty heat sensing unit may cause this behaviour. Or, it could be a sign that your fan motor is close to wearing out.

Standing Water

If you see water puddles near your heating system, its condensate line might be leaking or be blocked.


If water condenses on your walls, ceilings, or the inside of your windows, your heating system might not provide adequate airflow.

Non-Working Thermostat

When your thermostat isn’t working properly, you could have a faulty thermostat, or your heating system might have fan issues. A defective thermostat might make it more complicated or pricey to heat your house comfortably.


Mice and Rats aren’t welcome in your house for several factors. One of them is that they can significantly damage your heating system, nest in the vents and chew on wires. If you find a rodent problem, get your system checked by a HVAC professional.

Cold Spots

When parts of your house are consistently cold, it’s a sign that your heating system isn’t delivering adequate air. Inadequate air shows long-lasting wear and tear, acute damage, or obstructions in your vents.

Furnace Not Working

A non-working heating system indicates that you need to check your thermostat settings and confirm that your heating system is getting power. In addition, check the pilot light to see if it’s lit.


Low Heat

Insufficient heat often occurs with undersized heaters or if your filter is blocked.

Furnace Blower That Never Shuts Off

The offender might be a faulty limit switch if your blower never ever shuts off. While a constant blower is a quick fix, it does require an expert service technician.

Carbon Monoxide Gas (CO)

An improperly set up or poorly-ventilated heating system can fill your house with carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Lower levels of carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and hallucinations.

Unusual Noises

When your heating system starts making noises you haven’t heard before, there’s likely a mechanical problem. Get a HVAC professional to check your system as soon as possible.

Exorbitant Number of Service Calls

If your heating system has needed expert repair work multiple times in the past 2 years, it might be time to think about a replacement.

Furnace 20+ Years Old

Even if your heating system is working fine, think about replacing it if it’s more than twenty years old. Modern systems are a lot more energy efficient, which can significantly lower your heating expenses.

What Can I Do To Reduce Heating Costs?

As temperatures drop in Edmonton, keeping homes warm and cozy becomes a priority. Nevertheless, the increased use of heater can result in a substantial rise in energy costs. Edmonton property owners wanting to manage their heating expenditures successfully can carry out a number of smart techniques. Here’s a detailed guide to help you lower heating expenses while keeping a comfy living environment.

1. Update to Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

Investing in energy-efficient heater is one of the most impactful ways to lower heating expenses. Modern heaters and heatpump use less energy while supplying the same level of warmth. Homeowners of Edmonton need to think about replacing older, less efficient models with Energy Star-rated systems to reduce their heating costs considerably.

2. Routine Upkeep of Heating Systems

Routine maintenance of your heating system can significantly enhance its effectiveness and life-span. Upkeep includes cleansing or replacing filters, checking for ductwork leakages, and making sure the system is running efficiently. Scheduling a yearly check-up with a specialist can help recognize problems before they become pricey issues.

3. Make Use Of Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a game-changer when it concerns controlling heating expenses. They enable you to set particular temperatures for various times of the day, making sure that you’re not overheating your home when it’s unnecessary, such as when you’re asleep or away. Lots of modern-day thermostats also offer remote control via smartphones, making it much easier to manage your home’s temperature level.

4. Seal Windows and Doors

Drafts from inadequately sealed doors and windows can significantly increase your heating expenses. Edmontoncitizens need to ensure that all openings are properly sealed with weather removing or caulk. This small investment can result in significant cost savings by keeping the warm and cold air in.

5. Insulation is Secret

Correct insulation is important for keeping a warm home and decreasing heating expenses. Insulating walls, attics, and basements can prevent heat loss, specifically in older homes. Homeowners in Edmonton need to think about an energy audit to recognize locations where insulation can be enhanced.

6. Usage Curtains and Blinds Sensibly

House owners need to use curtains and blinds strategically to lower heating expenses. For instance, during daytime hours, keeping them open can let in sunshine, naturally warming your home. On the other hand, closing them at night can provide an extra layer of insulation against the cold.

7. Dress for the Season

Dressing for the season may appear basic, however it can enable you to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature level. Using sweatshirts and socks and utilizing blankets can make a noticeable difference in your comfort level and heating expense.

8. Think About Option Heating Sources

Homeowners of Edmonton can explore alternative heating sources like wood-burning stoves or pellet stoves. Depending upon your regional resources and requirements, these can be more affordable and eco-friendly.

In conclusion, citizens of Edmonton have numerous ways to lower their heating expenses. These techniques can result in significant cost savings from upgrading to energy-efficient systems, routine maintenance, innovative use of thermostats, sealing drafts, and improving insulation to utilizing curtains and alternative heating sources successfully. Carrying out these tips will keep your home warm and ensure that your heating expenditures remain manageable.



Frequently Asked Furnace Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Typically, a residential furnace will last between 15 and 20 years. If your unit is reaching this age, it’s time to start planning (and saving!) for a replacement, even if it’s not having any problems.

If your furnace needs frequent repairs, regardless of age, replacement is a wise option. HVAC repairs can become quite expensive if you need them repeatedly, and they often stem from underlying damage that will require more costly repairs in the future.

It makes financial sense to replace an old furnace, even if it’s in good operating condition. A more modern, energy-efficient unit may justify its cost with lower heating bills.

Conversely, if your heating habits have been consistent but your energy bills are rising, this may be a sign that your furnace is wearing out and having to work harder than it used to.

As you might expect, the total cost of a furnace installation depends on many factors, including the size and brand of the new unit. Most of the installations we perform in Pickering cost $2,500 to $4,000. But we have completed installations that fall outside this range — both cheaper and more expensive.

Our technicians have the knowledge and patience to work with you and guide you toward the heating solution that best fits your needs and finances. We make the planning process simple. That’s why we offer upfront pricing, so you never have to worry about hidden costs. We also provide a comprehensive one-year warranty on equipment, parts, and labour.

With proper maintenance, a residential furnace should last 15 to 20 years. When you select a new heating system, get the best durability and efficiency by picking a furnace with a good energy star rating. Energy-efficient heating systems cost significantly less to operate.

It would be best if you also committed to regular maintenance and inspections to keep your furnace in tip-top shape.

We advise all of our customers to get their furnaces checked annually. Ideally, schedule the check-up in the summer or fall before the weather gets cold and you need to rely on your furnace.

A routine maintenance visit from one of our technicians starts with a comprehensive system inspection. The technician will check your system’s electrical connections, filters, blowers, and motors. This inspection catches potential problems as soon as possible and keeps your operating costs down.

Cleaning is also often part of a scheduled furnace check-up. Removing dust and debris from your furnace’s interior components (particularly the heat exchanger and burner chamber) keeps your equipment operating correctly and minimizes fire risk.

Finally, a furnace check-up will also include a check for leaks to ensure your system isn’t wasting energy and driving up your bills.

The final part of an annual check-up is a test run. Your technician will monitor your system carefully to confirm it is in working order.

For a lower wintertime heating bill, try these simple tips:

Keep Temperatures As Low As Comfortable
Reducing your thermostat setting by just 1 degree can cut your monthly bill by as much as two percent.

Change Furnace Filters Regularly
Besides potentially causing damage, an old, clogged filter will make your furnace run harder and use more energy. Change your filter every three months to keep your system running smoothly.

Add A Humidifier
Furnaces heat the air in your home but also dry it out. Adding a furnace humidifier to your heating system will improve air quality and lower your heating bill.

Invest In A Programmable Thermostat
With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule your thermostat settings, so your furnace only works hard when required, which is convenient and economical!

Your One-Stop Solution For Furnace Issues In Pickering
Whatever your problems or concerns with your furnace, we’re ready to help at any time. Call us day or night at (289) 512-5025 and schedule a convenient time for a furnace inspection or a repair job.

All our technicians are fully trained and authorized by the manufacturers of the equipment they install. We use only the best equipment and materials, ensuring you get the most reliable and affordable heating system possible.

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